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The Town of Bethlehem is updating its Comprehensive Plan to help guide the future of our community. With the theme “Bethlehem Forward”, the updated Comprehensive Plan will inform the community’s future land use, development, policy, programs, and infrastructure decisions.  A plan like this is only created about every 15 years, so this is a unique opportunity to answer questions like: What are our housing needs? What kinds of commercial services do we want to attract and where? Where do we need more parks and natural spaces? How can we best manage traffic and accommodate safe walking and bicycling in our community? Read more here.

To be effective, the Comprehensive Plan must build on the shared visions and goals of our community members. We want to hear from all residents of the Town of Bethlehem! Make sure your voice is heard! Check out our schedule for outreach events, join our mailing list, follow us on social media, or leave a comment and get involved!

The Town of Bethlehem has undertaken the Comprehensive Plan Update process to develop a plan that will guide development and community-related decisions toward the community’s vision for years to come. The Town’s current Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2005, has provided the Town’s elected and appointed officials with valuable context and guidance for development-related decisions and capital investment. It established a vision for the community’s future, articulated guiding principles and goals, and recommended specific actions or strategies that would move the Town toward the community vision. Updating the comprehensive plan requires a thorough and inclusive community discussion about the current state of the town, the community’s values and aspirations for the future, and the strategies that should be used or actions that should be taken to achieve the community’s vision for the future.

The Town strives to build and sustain two-way communication with town residents, property and business owners, and other stakeholders and to utilize a variety of tools and methods to assure that all community members receive information about the project and opportunities to participate in the planning process.

By Fall 2021, the Town of Bethlehem Board will adopt an update to its Comprehensive Plan to establish a shared community vision for the future and an action plan to achieve it.


The year-long Bethlehem Forward project is now in the “Community Profile-Bethlehem Today” phase of constructing the updated plan.  During this research and summarization phase, the Comprehensive Plan Update Committee (CPUC) and the consultant team, along with town staff, are reviewing lots of past documents, plans, maps, and other information so that we have a solid understanding of “where we are now” as a community- and how we will best navigate the next 15 years.

Full documents, plans, and maps being reviewed are in the documents section.


Thank you to the over 1,750 people who took the Needs and Opportunities Survey! The survey is now closed and results are being summarized - please stay tuned for the results coming soon!  These valuable survey responses will help guide the visioning and planning process throughout the Bethlehem Forward Comprehensive Plan Update project. Thank you! A second survey is planned for the spring. And remember, you can always submit your comments to the Bethlehem Forward project team anytime in the comments section below! "Your town - your voice!"

We want to hear your thoughts! Tell us what you see as the biggest issues and opportunities facing the Town in the next 15 years and what should be done about it.