The Town Board has scheduled a public hearing for Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 6:00pm at the Town Hall to solicit comment on the Draft Comprehensive Plan Update.  The Town Board also established a public comment period of April 14, 2022 - May 13, 2022. Written comments can be sent via email to [email protected] or by mail to Bethlehem Planning Department, 445 Delaware Avenue, Delmar, NY 12054. The Draft Comprehensive Plan Update is available below.  All parties interested and citizens will have an opportunity to be heard at the said hearing. 

The project consultant, SWBR, provided an overview of the Draft Plan at the April 13, 2022 Town Board meeting.  The video recording can be found at this link and presentation slides can be found at this link.


Background and Narrative

0. Cover:  draft 04/04/2022

1.0 Background and Narrative:  draft 04/04/2022

Bethlehem Today Community Profile

2.0 Bethlehem Today Community Profile:  draft 04/04/2022

2.1 Natural Environment:  draft 04/04/2022

2.2 Historic Preservation:  draft 04/04/2022

2.3 Forests, Fields, Farmland:  draft 04/04/2022

2.4 Land Use Zoning Housing:  draft 04/04/2022

2.5 Demographics:  draft 04/04/2022

2.6 Economic Development:  draft 04/04/2022

2.7 Transportation:  draft 04/04/2022

2.7a Transportation Attachments:  draft 04/04/2022

2.8 Infrastructure:  draft 04/04/2022

2.9 Recreation:  draft 04/04/2022

2.10 Community Services:  draft 04/04/2022

The Plan

3.0 Vision & Values:  draft 04/04/2022

4.0 Goals and Recommendations:  draft 04/04/2022

4.1 Interwoven Equity:  draft 04/04/2022

4.2 Livable Built Environment:  draft 04/04/2022

4.2a Community Character:  draft 04/04/2022

4.3 Harmony with Nature:  draft 04/04/2022

4.4 Resilient Economy:  draft 04/04/2022

4.5 Healthy Community:  draft 04/04/2022

4.6 Responsible Governance and Regionalism:  draft 04/04/2022

5.0 Draft Land Use Map and Land Use Category Descriptions:  draft 04/04/2022

Making it Happen

6.0 Making It Happen – Implementation Matrix:  draft 04/04/2022


Appendix A: Transportation Maps:  draft 04/04/2022

Appendix B:  Infrastructure Maps:  draft 04/04/2022

Appendix C: Community Engagement draft 04/04/2022:

Public Engagement Plan

Community Survey Summary

Agriculture Business Focus Group Summary

Local Chamber Business Focus Group Summary

Large Businesses Focus Group Summary

Public Meeting 1 Summary

Public Meeting 2 Summary

Public Meeting 3 Summary



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At its April 4, 2022 meeting, the Comprehensive Plan Update Committee (CPUC) approved the Draft Comprehensive Plan Update, dated April 4, 2022, and made a recommendation to the Town Board for their consideration of adoption.  The CPUC approval Resolution and April 4, 2022 version of the Plan are provided in the links below.  The Plan sections include track changes to reflect the modifications made by the CPUC as a result of the comments provided at the March 28, 2022 public hearing.  A summary of the public hearing comments (in-person and written) and responses are provided in the public hearing log table provided in the link below.

CPUC Resolution to Recommend Draft Plan to Town Board

Public Hearing Response to Comments Summary


Next Steps

The Town Board is expected acknowledge the CPUC Resolution at its April 13, 2022 Town Board meeting and schedule a 2nd public hearing to be held on May 11, 2022.


The Comprehensive Plan Update Committee will hold a public hearing on Monday, March 28, 2022 at 6:00pm at Town Hall, 445 Delaware Avenue, to solicit comment on the Draft Comprehensive Plan Update. The March 8 Draft Comprehensive Plan Update document is available below. All interested parties and citizens will have an opportunity to be heard.

Please share with CPUC any comments you may have by leaving a comment below or by sending an email to [email protected] by March 29.  When commenting, please include a section or page number so it is clear what area of the Plan your comment is related.

Adoption Status: As of March 2022, the CPUC is reviewing the draft plan and will provide recommendations to the Town Board. The CPUC reviewed Planning Board recommendations at its March 8, 2022 meeting. Following the upcoming March 28 Public Hearing, the committee will meet in early April to address comments and will direct the project team to modify the Plan accordingly prior to the plan being forwarded to the Town Board for their consideration. 

Once the Plan is forwarded to the Town Board, a second public comment period and public hearing will be established.  Public comments for the second comment period will be considered in a Final Plan prior to adoption, anticipated for June.



0. Cover:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

1.0 Background and Narrative:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

2.0 Bethlehem Today Community Profile:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

2.1 Natural Environment:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

2.2 Historic Preservation:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

2.3 Forests, Fields, Farmland:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

2.4 Land Use Zoning Housing:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

2.5 Demographics:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

2.6 Economic Development:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

2.7 Transportation:  draft 02/04/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

2.7a Transportation Attachments:  draft 02/11/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

2.8 Infrastructure:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

2.9 Recreation:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

2.10 Community Services:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

3.0 Vision & Values:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

4.0 Goals and Recommendations:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

4.1 Interwoven Equity:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

4.2 Livable Built Environment:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

4.2a Community Character: draft 03/08/2022  

4.3 Harmony with Nature:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

4.4 Resilient Economy:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

4.5 Healthy Community:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

4.6 Responsible Governance and Regionalism:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

5.0 Draft Land Use Map and Land Use Category Descriptions:  draft 01/28/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  

6.0 Making It Happen – Implementation Matrix:  draft 02/11/2022  | draft 03/08/2022  


Appendix A: Transportation Maps:  draft 01/28/2022  

Appendix B:  Infrastructure Maps:  draft 01/28/2022  

Appendix C: Community Engagement:

Public Engagement Plan

Community Survey Summary

Agriculture Business Focus Group Summary

Local Chamber Business Focus Group Summary

Large Businesses Focus Group Summary

Public Meeting 1 Summary

Public Meeting 2 Summary

Public Meeting 3 Summary


As the CPUC discusses feedback from residents gathered at the November 18 public meeting and from comments submitted over the holidays, the project team has been making changes to reflect the ongoing discussions. You can find the revisions to draft goals and recommendations below:


Livable Built Environment:  draft 11/15/21 | draft 01/11/22

Harmony with Nature:  draft 11/15/21 | draft 01/11/22

Resilient Economy:  draft 11/15/21  | draft 01/11/22

Healthy Community:  draft 11/15/21 | draft 01/11/22

Responsible Governance and Regionalism:  draft 11/15/21 | draft 01/11/22


The draft future land use map is intended to serve as a land use guide towards achieving the community vision. The land use map is based on CPUC workshop meetings in July/August 2021 including public comments received during CPUC meetings and public meetings.


Thank you to all who attended the November 18 meeting! We had close to 90 attendees and great discussion of the draft goals and recommendations. If you couldn't attend the meeting or have additional thoughts you'd like to share, please complete this comment form and send to [email protected] or drop it off at the Economic Development and Planning Department  window at Town Hall (2nd Floor). You can also send us an email if you prefer.


Below are the revised draft Goals and Recommendations that were presented at the meeting:

​Display Boards for All Principles

Livable Built Environment (11/15/21 draft)

Harmony with Nature (11/15/21 draft)

Resilient Economy (11/15/21 draft)

Healthy Community (11/15/21 draft)

Responsible Governance and Regionalism (11/15/21 draft)



Following the Comprehensive Plan Update Committee’s work over the summer on draft goals and their review of predominant land uses across the town, the committee is currently discussing draft recommendations for specific ways that Bethlehem can achieve each of the draft goals. The draft recommendations and their associated goals are grouped into separate documents according to the 5 guiding principles. These draft documents will be linked below when they become available:


Livable Built Environment – discussed at the 9/14 and 9/30 CPUC meetings

Harmony with Nature – discussed at the 9/30 and 10/12 CPUC meetings

Resilient Economy  discussed at the 10/28 CPUC meeting

Healthy Community  discussed at the 10/28 CPUC meeting

Responsible Governance and Regionalism  to be discussed at the 11/9 meeting


Attending the CPUC meetings in-person provides the best experience and greatest opportunity for providing comments to the Committee, but if you can't join us at the EMS Building, you can listen to the discussion via Zoom. If you wish to join via Zoom, please register for the meeting via the meetings tab (above) or the Town Comprehensive Plan Update Committee webpage. As always, recordings of the Comprehensive Plan Update Committee meetings can be watched via the Town's meeting portal. Just be sure to select Comprehensive Plan Update Committee from the drop down list at the top of the page.



To create the right set of goals and recommended actions to reach the vision for Bethlehem, we need to understand the current conditions and trends, what resources are at our disposal, and what challenges we face in the years ahead. The Bethlehem Today video presentation is a thorough overview of the Bethlehem’s natural environments and farmland areas, trends in population growth and demographics, traffic and transportation issues, sustainability efforts, housing patterns, economic development progress, and more.

(Direct link to video here:

Many of the full documents, plans, and maps that were reviewed to prepare the "Bethlehem Today" video can be found in the "Documents" section below and to the right on this page.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]



Over 1,750 people took the Needs and Opportunities Survey! The Survey Summary can be reviewed in the "Documents" section below and to the right on this page. These valuable survey responses will help guide the visioning and planning process throughout the Bethlehem Forward Comprehensive Plan Update project. Thank you! A second survey is planned for Fall 2021. And remember, you can always submit your comments to the Bethlehem Forward project team anytime in the comments section below! "Your town - your voice!"

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0. Cover & TOC Draft 2022--03-08 rev.pdf 0. Cover & TOC Draft 2022--04-04 rev.pdf 0. Cover & TOC PB 2022--01-28.pdf 1.0 Background Narrative Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 1.0 Background Narrative Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 1.0 Background Narrative PB 2022--01-28.pdf 2.0 - Intro Section 2 Bethlehem Today Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 2.0 - Intro Section 2 Bethlehem Today Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 2.0 - Intro Section 2 PB 2022--01-28.pdf 2.1 - Natural Environment Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 2.1 - Natural Environment Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 2.1 - Natural Environment PB 2022--01-28.pdf 2.10 - Community Services Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 2.10 - Community Services Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 2.10 - Community Services PB 2022--01-28.pdf 2.2 - Historic Preservation Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 2.2 - Historic Preservation Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 2.2 - Historic Preservation PB 2022--01-28.pdf 2.3 - Forests, Fields, Farmland Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 2.3 - Forests, Fields, Farmland Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 2.3 - Forests, Fields, Farmland PB 2022--01-28.pdf 2.4 - Land Use Zoning Housing Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 2.4 - Land Use Zoning Housing Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 2.4 - Land Use Zoning Housing PB 2022--01-28.pdf 2.5 - Demographics Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 2.5 - Demographics Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 2.5 - Demographics PB 2022--01-28.pdf 2.6 - Economic Development Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 2.6 - Economic Development Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 2.6 - Economic Development PB 2022--01-28.pdf 2.7- Transportation Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 2.7- Transportation Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 2.7- Transportation PB 2022--02-04.pdf 2.7a- Transportation Attachments 1-4 Collector Road Analysis 2022--03-08.pdf 2.7a- Transportation Attachments 1-4 Collector Road Analysis 2022--04-04.pdf 2.7a- Transportation Attachments 1-4 Collector Road Analysis Rev 2022--02-11.pdf 2.8 - Infrastructure Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 2.8 - Infrastructure Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 2.8 - Infrastructure PB 2022--01-28.pdf 2.9 - Recreation Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 2.9 - Recreation Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 2.9 - Recreation PB 2022--01-28.pdf 3.0 Vision & Values Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 3.0 Vision & Values Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 3.0 Vision & Values PB 2022--01-28.pdf 4.0 Goals & Recomendations 2022--03-08.pdf 4.0 Goals & Recomendations 2022--04-04.pdf 4.0 Goals & Recomendations PB 2022--01-28.pdf 4.1 Interwoven Equity Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 4.1 Interwoven Equity Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 4.1 Interwoven Equity PB 2022--01-28.pdf 4.2 Livable Built Environment Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 4.2 Livable Built Environment Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 4.2 Livable Built Environment PB 2022--01-28.pdf 4.2a Community Character Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 4.2a Community Character Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 4.3 Harmony with Nature Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 4.3 Harmony with Nature Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 4.3 Harmony with Nature PB 2022--01-28.pdf 4.4 Resilient Economy Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 4.4 Resilient Economy Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 4.4 Resilient Economy PB 2022--01-28.pdf 4.5 Healthy Community Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 4.5 Healthy Community Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 4.5 Healthy Community PB 2022--01-28.pdf 4.6 Responsible Governance and Regionalism Draft 2022--03-08.pdf 4.6 Responsible Governance and Regionalism Draft 2022--04-04.pdf 4.6 Responsible Governance and Regionalism PB 2022--01-28.pdf 6.0 Town of Bethlehem Implementation Matrix 2022--02-11.pdf 6.0 Town of Bethlehem Implementation Matrix 2022--03-08.pdf 6.0 Town of Bethlehem Implementation Matrix 2022--04-04.pdf Ag Business Focus Group_032921.pdf Appendix A maps.pdf Appendix B maps.pdf Bethlehem Comp Plan Public Engagement Plan - Final 2020--10.pdf Bethlehem CPUC Resolution - Recommendation to Town Board 2022--04-04 FINAL.pdf Bethlehem Demographic and Growth Analysis 1991-2018.pdf Bethlehem Forward Draft Goals and Recs Comment Form.pdf Bethlehem Forward Principles Boards 8.5x11_FNL Corrected.pdf Bethlehem Forward Principles Boards 8.5x11_FNL.pdf Bethlehem Today Community Profile-Existing Supportive Plans.pdf Combined Draft Land Use Map Descriptions CPUC 2021--12-13 for Dec CPUC Meeting.pdf Combined Draft Land Use Map Descriptions CPUC 2022--01-10 for Jan CPUC Meeting 1.pdf Community Forum Summary.pdf Community Survey Summary - Feb 2021.pdf CPUC Meeting 10-28-2021 Discussion Notes Final.pdf CPUC Meeting 11-09-2021 Discussion Notes Final.pdf CPUC Public Comment Period and Hearing Log 2022--04-04Final.pdf December 8 Public Meeting #1 Summary.pdf DEDP Draft Future Land Use Map 2022--03-08.pdf DEDP Draft Future Land Use Map 2022--04-04 with Descriptions.pdf DEDP Draft Future Land Use Map and Descriptions 2022--03-08.pdf DEDP Draft LU Map 2022--01-28 w Draft Descriptions.pdf Focus Group Summary - Ag Business Focus Group.pdf Focus Group Summary - Large Business Economic Development.pdf Focus Group Summary - Local Chamber Businesses.pdf Harmony with Nature Final for CPUC 2022--01-11.pdf Harmony with Nature Public Meeting Draft 2021--11-15 WEB.pdf Harmony With Nature Working Document 2021--09-24Rev1-CPUC 9-30WEB.pdf Healthy Community Final for CPUC 2022--01-11.pdf Healthy Community Public Meeting Draft 2021--11-15 WEB.pdf Healthy Community Working Document 2021--10-22 CPUC 10-28WEB.pdf Housing Presentation to CPUC 2021--06-08.pdf Livable Built Environment Final for CPUC 2022-01-11.pdf Livable Built Environment Public Meeting Draft 2021--11-15 WEB.pdf Livable Built Environment Working Document 2021--09-10-CPUC 9-14WEB.pdf Memo to CPUC Community Profile Housing 2021--06-09.pdf Public Meeting #2 Presentation.pdf Public Meeting 1 Summary - December 8 2020.pdf Public Meeting 2 Summary - April 6 2021.pdf Public Meeting 3 Summary - November 18 2021.pdf Resilient Economy Final for CPUC 2022--01-11.pdf Resilient Economy Public Meeting Draft 2021--11-15 WEB.pdf Resilient Economy Working Document 2021--10-08 CPUC 10-28WEB.pdf Responsible Governance Regionalism 2021-11-05 CPUC 11-09WEB.pdf Responsible Governance Regionalism Final for CPUC 2022--01-11.pdf Responsible Governance Regionalism Public Meeting Draft 2021--11-15 WEB.pdf Survey #1 Summary Final_Bethlehem Forward_Feb2021.pdf Value Statements Updated 2021--05-11Rev3.pdf Value Statements.pdf Vision Statement 2035 Updated 2021--05-07.pdf