The Town of Bethlehem has undertaken the Comprehensive Plan Update process to develop a plan that will guide development and community-related decisions toward the community’s vision for years to come. The Town’s current Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2005, has provided the Town’s elected and appointed officials with valuable context and guidance for development-related decisions and capital investment. It established a vision for the community’s future, articulated guiding principles and goals, and recommended specific actions or strategies that would move the Town toward the community vision. Updating the comprehensive plan requires a thorough and inclusive community discussion about the current state of the town, the community’s values and aspirations for the future, and the strategies that should be used or actions that should be taken to achieve the community’s vision for the future.

The Town strives to build and sustain two-way communication with town residents, property and business owners, and other stakeholders and to utilize a variety of tools and methods to assure that all community members receive information about the project and opportunities to participate in the planning process.

By Fall 2021, the Town of Bethlehem Board will adopt an update to its Comprehensive Plan to establish a shared community vision for the future and an action plan to achieve it.

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2035 Community Vision: We are actively working on a community vision statement to guide us towards what Bethlehem will look like in 2035. If you attended the public meeting on March 23rd (or watch the recording) and have comments you would like to share on the value statements, vision, or topics discussed, please comment below. You can also email us at [email protected]

WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW? Watch "Bethlehem Today" Video!

Just released! Watch this special "Bethlehem Today" video presentation before Bethlehem Forward's Public Meeting #2 (March 23rd at 6:00 - register in the Meetings tab above!) to gain a richer understanding of "where we are now" as a community! 

(Direct link to video here:

Learn about the Town's "community profile": our natural environments and farmland areas, trends in population growth and demographics, traffic and transportation issues, sustainability efforts, housing patterns, economic development progress, and more! A shorter version of this presentation will be given during Public Meeting #2, but if you enjoy going a little deeper into the details, please watch!

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

(Many of the full documents, plans, and maps that were reviewed to prepare the "Bethlehem Today" video can be found in the "Documents" section below and to the right on this page.) 


Thank you to the over 1,750 people who took the Needs and Opportunities Survey! The Survey Summary is now complete and can be reviewed in the "Documents" section below and to the right on this page. These valuable survey responses will help guide the visioning and planning process throughout the Bethlehem Forward Comprehensive Plan Update project. Thank you! A second survey is planned for the spring. And remember, you can always submit your comments to the Bethlehem Forward project team anytime in the comments section below! "Your town - your voice!"

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We want to hear your thoughts! Tell us what you see as the biggest issues and opportunities facing the Town in the next 15 years and what should be done about it.